cloud solutions

Cloud is freedom

By implementing cloud solutions your company gets the most essential thing — freedom. Open new horizons for you and your business, maximally simplify management tasks and IT-infrastructure support. The success and increase of your business directly depends on how effectively you are capable of bringing your ideas to life. Remember what goals you’ve set when you just were starting, when you were willing to manage a company using your own special vision — freedom is what you need to realize all these things.

No initial expenses

Consumption based billing is a very crucial advantage of cloud solutions. You pay exceptionally for the services you are using. Such kind of form of payment allows easily to reduce software and infrastructure expenses, depending on your current needs.

Supersonic speed of implementing

Solution deployment based on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 often takes even less time, than description of issues and tasks that can be solved with their help.

Simple outside, but complicated inside

It is always simple and easy to start using Office365 services, despite the incredible amount of functions and possibilities. Perhaps you won’t even need to hire some "superadmin" to control these services. Everything works in browser or in more familiar office applications. At work, home, on a road — all the required tools are always within reach. Even if your internet connection is down.

With us, even natural disasters won’t be scary

All your data will always be protected thanks to build in security system and services of privacy. Microsoft data processing centers located around the world give confidence, that your data will be preserved no matter what happens.

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